Walls. Boundaries. Limits. Constraints. 

Some people hear these words and they cringe. I hear these words and I get excited.

Without some limits and boundaries it’s hard to remain grounded. Without constraints it can be hard to grow.

Freedom is a beautiful thing. It’s also possible to get lost in freedom too.

I read a really interesting essay yesterday on this topic. It was a by a blogger who was explaining why he decided to cut off internet access at home.

Here’s the gist:

He wasn’t happy with his productivity and he didn’t feel he was honoring his time when he was on the internet. So he killed his wifi at home and now when he wants to get work done he has to go to a coffee shop or the library. Now every hour counts. No more messing around and no more overworking.

I don’t plan on cutting of my wifi anytime soon, but I love the intension behind his reasoning. Instead of trying to do more and be more, he opted for less. Less can be a very powerful intension.

Constraints build creativity. Here are just a few constraints that I’ve played with over the last 10 years at various times.

* Not spending any money on the weekend to become more mindful about my beliefs about money
* Only watching tv or movies when I’m flying/traveling to become more mindful about time
* Not taking on new projects to practice honoring my current commitments
* Working on Sunday’s but not Monday’s to become better at planning and delegating
* Avoiding all social media, especially surfing news-feeds, unless I had something meaningful to post
* Not dating for a period of time to notice relationship patterns that I was replaying

The key words here are “played with.” I played with the constraint as long as it served me. Once it stopped serving me I let it go.

Constraints build creativity.


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